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Jason Miller CMT

Holistic Educator

With a passion for holistic ideals and the intention of bringing wellness to each member of his clientele, Jason Miller stands out as an experienced and well-versed holistic massage therapist. He is proficient in a wide range of massage & wellness modalities, such as neuromuscular deep tissue, structural balancing, athletic conditioning / rehabilitation, lymphatic / circulatory Tx, advanced cupping therapies, NIR reiki energy healing and the list goes on. A certified leader, he has held numerous workshops, continued education training’s, and has lobbied at state and national levels for education. He is the Program Director at Panacea Holistic Institute and the southwest educator for the ICTA International Cupping Therapy Association.

Jason is a certified massage therapist, internationally certified cupping therapist, yoga instructor, educator, sound healer, light & energy worker, wellness advocate, visionary, sensei level Reiki practitioner and conscious business owner. He strives to engage in expanding his growing knowledge & understanding in the art and journey of healing.

He has worked at USATF indoor & outdoor national masters champions and worlds since 2010. Jason competes for So Cal Track Club, Winning nation championships in Shot put and other throw events in USATF track and field competition. His working experience as an athletic therapist includes ironman, triathlons, marathons, national and international track and field championships, community walk / 5k / 10k events and field games.

Jason’s personable manner along with his altruistic ethics has resulted in many referrals as well as a great rapport with clients and fellow therapists. He continues to develop his skills as a holistic therapist, instructor and yogi in Long Beach, California, focusing on holistic care and community well-being.