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"Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically."

Stephen Hawking


crystal reiki Reiki activates the body’s innate healing abilities through a laying-on of hands. Like acupuncture, this Japanese modality works with the subtle flowing and weaving (and sometimes stagnant) Chi of the body. As the client lays fully-clothed on the table, the therapist places her/his hands on or slightly above the client’s body in a series of positions that treat the entire body. The Reiki energy addresses all systems in the body, and all aspects of the person. Working at this core level of the living system to balance and restore has a multitude of positive effects. Reiki detoxifies, unwinds tight tissue, elicits and supports healing and clarity in the body, mind and emotional state, to name a few of the many benefits. Being wrapped in this nourishing energy induces a deeply relaxed state, and stress—the source of so much dis-ease—is replaced with feelings of well-being and peace.


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